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How to Send a Private Recording to individual students

How to move a recording into the “Private” or the Public folder


All class recordings are added to Canvas within a few hours of your class session. Recordings will either appear as Public orPrivaterecordings in the Panopto Recordings page of your Canvas course website.

  • Public Recordingsare visible to all students in your course when they click thePanopto Recordingslink on your course Canvas site.
  • Private Recordings are only visible to instructors, TAs, and course designers. They can be found inside the Private Recordings folderon the Panopto RecordingsCanvas page. You can choose to keep them private, send them to individual students, or publish them for the entire class to view.

Need help? FSS staff can send recordings to individual students on behalf of faculty. Please email FSS and include which students are approved, and the dates of the recordings to be sent.

Sending a private recording to individual students

1. From Canvas, click the Panopto Recordings link.

2. Click on the Private Recordings folder at the top of the window.

Managing Private Recordings (1)

3. Navigate to the video you’d like to share and click on the Share option that appears.

Managing Private Recordings (2)

4. Under People and Groups, type in the email of the individual to whom you would like to send the video. If they are a Penn Carey Law student, Panopto should auto-fill their name. Start by typing their first name and the rest of their name should appear as an option. Select the name that starts with “PennLawCanvasLive\UserName”

Click on their name to continue

Managing Private Recordings (3)

5. Type in an optional message to send with your email. Make sure that Notify peopleis checked off. Finally, click on Sendto send an email with the video link.

Managing Private Recordings (4)

Moving a Recording to the Private Folder or making them Public

To restrict access to a recording, you can move it into your Private folder. You can also move a recording from the Private folder into the Public folder.

1. From your Canvas page, click on the Panopto Recordings link.

2. Find the recording you want to make private. Hover your mouse over the recording and click “Settings”

Managing Private Recordings (5)

3. Click “Edit” next to the “Folder”

Managing Private Recordings (6)

4. Navigate to the proper folder. Start by selecting your term, eg. “Academic Year 2020-2021,” click the arrow to expand the folder. Find your course name, and then select the “Private Recordings” folder nested within that folder. The main folder (eg “2020-2021 (Yearlong) - CourseName (Instructor)” is the folder that all students in your class have access to.

Managing Private Recordings (7)

5. Click “Save”

Managing Private Recordings (8)

Course Recording Retention Policy

ITS course recording retention policy is two years. Old recordings are deleted annually on August 15 th . Instructors have theoption to delete any unwanted recordingsat any time.

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Managing Private Recordings (9)

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Managing Private Recordings (10)

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Managing Private Recordings (2024)
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