L&I Wa (2024)

1. Lni.wa.gov

  • About Labor and Industries (L&I)

  • L&I is workers' comp, workplace safety, labor and consumer protection, trades licensing, contractor registration and license lookup for public safety in Washington State.

2. Labor & Industries - Washington State | Office of the Attorney General

  • The work of the Labor and Industries (L&I) division tracks the missions of its client agency. This work includes litigation and client advice involving: workers ...

  • Contact: E-mail Olympia PO Box 40121 Olympia, WA 98504-0121 Seattle 800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000 Seattle, WA 98104

3. Washington State Department of Labor & Industries - Comagine Health

  • Comagine Health has partnered with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (Washington L&I) to provide utilization review services for its ...

  • Comagine Health has partnered with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (Washington L&I) to provide utilization review services for its Workers' Compensation Program. The success of this program depends on the collaborative relationship between providers, Washington L&I and Comagine Health. Comagine Health provides services to make sure eligible injured workers get the appropriate care where and when they need it.

4. Call L&I | Jefferson County, WA

5. State of Washington, L&I/WSDA Safety & Health Lab and Training Center

  • L&I prevents and responds to workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths by training first responders to identify job site hazards and perform hazardous materials ...

  • First project to meet Washington state's zero energy mandate for new state facilities.

6. 2023-2024 L&I Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) in WA State

  • 12 apr 2024 · The L&I COLA for 2023 -2024 will be 2%. This 2% cost of living adjustment is an increase in benefits for injured workers. This yearly L&I COLA ...

  • Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) are a yearly upgrade to L&I time loss and pension payments. Find out how much your benefits will be increased.

7. Washington State Frequently Asked L&I Questions: The Walthew Law Firm

  • Yes. Under Washington State law, claimants can reopen an L&I claim within seven years of the date of first closure to receive monetary benefits such as time ...

  • If you have any specific questions about your legal options, please do not hesitate to contact our L&I lawyers for a free and confidential initial consultation.

8. L&I Settlement and Structured Settlement Agreement (CRSSA)

  • Here, we'll go over all the different options below. L&I Claim Settlement. Firstly, there are 2 types of work injury claims in Washington State. One is an L&I ...

  • There are many ways to settle an L&I claim. You can get paid for your claim and also try to maximize your payout. On top, L&I structured settlement is available under certain conditions.

9. Frequently Asked L&I Questions | Emery Reddy

  • Learn how Washington L&I works and get your workers' comp questions answered by the experienced L&I attorneys at Emery | Reddy in Seattle.

  • On-the-job injuries or occupational illnesses can seriously upend a worker’s life, forcing them to take weeks, months, or sometimes even years off work

10. Worker's Compensation (L&I) - Spokane County

  • Worker's Compensation (L&I). Staff. Name, Title ... Spokane County WA Homepage · Facebook · X · Instagram · YouTube ... Spokane, WA 99260. Contact Us · Helpful ...

  • Staff

11. Labor & Industries (L&I), Washington State - YouTube

  • Labor & Industries (L&I), Washington State · Don't trust just any contractor to work on your home! | #homeowner #homeremodeling #homecontractor · L&I ...

  • Our Mission: "Keep Washington safe and working."

12. L&I Attorneys - Labor & Industries in Washington - Washington Law Center

  • Our Labor & Industries (L&I) attorneys help injured workers obtain time-loss benefits, medical authorizations, retraining, PPD awards, and injury pensions.

13. L&I injuries | Everett, WA Chiropractor - Advanced Chiropractic

  • At Advanced Chiropractic, we can help you open up your L&I claim or if you have an open claim for a spinal injury we can treat you for that injury. L&I injuries ...

  • If you have been injured at your workplace you may have what the State of Washington calls an L&I injury. (Labor & Industry)

14. WA State L&I and Employment Security Audits - Alegria + Company

  • Auditors from L&I and ESD initiate an audit by sending a letter to the employer or by contacting the employer by phone. (The IRS does not initiate contact by ...

  • Washington State provides insurance to cover injuries to employees on the job through its Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). Washington State provides unemployment benefits to employees who have lost their jobs through its Employment Security Department (ESD). Generally, L&I premiums are funded by payroll taxes based on total hours worked and ESD benefits by…

15. Washington State L&I Permit Requirements

  • Protect your family and your property · An electrical permit is required. · Do electrical work only if you are qualified. · If you do your own electrical work, ...

  • We are committed to providing dependable, not-for-profit public utility services governed by, and for the benefit of, our customers in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

16. Washington L&I Proposes Updates to Contractor Registration Rules

  • 29 feb 2024 · Key proposals under the new rulemaking include a 6.40 percent fee increase to align with fiscal growth, adjustments in surety bond and savings ...

  • The rule change addresses definitions, penalty and bond amounts, and fees for general and specialty contractors.

L&I Wa (2024)


How does L&I work in Washington State? ›

Medical benefits

If the workers' compensation claim is approved L&I will cover medical bills directly related to your worker's injury until their doctor certifies the injury has stabilized and reached a point where further recovery isn't expected.

How much is the L&I injury payout in Washington State? ›

The benefit amount is 60 to 75% of the wage you were earning, depending on how many dependents you have. The minimum and maximum L&I can pay is set by the state legislature. You may have better options available - ask your employer if there are other jobs you can do to earn your wage or salary while you recover.

How do I get ahold of L&I Washington State? ›

General information. Contact the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries for information about agency programs and services in your language at 1-800-547-8367.

Do you get paid from L&I Washington State? ›

L&I pays time-loss compensation to partially and temporarily replace the injured worker's wages when they are unable to return to the job after a work-related injury or illness.

What does Washington L&I cover? ›

L&I is a government agency in Washington State that handles workers' compensation claims and provides medical benefits and limited wage-replacement coverage to workers who are injured or develop certain occupational illnesses at work.

How is pain and suffering calculated in Washington? ›

How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated in Washington State? Washington has no set formula for calculating the value of pain and suffering damages. Instead, an arbitrator, judge, or jury is given discretion in calculating the amount on a case-by-case basis.

What is an example of permanent partial disability? ›

Permanent partial disability means that the worker is still able to function in his or her chosen work, but not at full capacity. Common examples of permanent partial disability include back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, amputation, hearing loss, and vision damage.

Can you sue L&I in Washington state? ›

In Washington State, workers cannot get damages for pain and suffering from their employer or from L&I. Even if they have a severe work injury. Additionally, it doesn't matter how complex and frustrating their L&I claim may become.

Can I see my own doctor for workers' comp in Washington state? ›

Do I Have the Right to Choose My Own Physician? Yes. Under workers' compensation laws, injured workers are permitted to choose their own physician. You need a doctor who you can trust to provide reliable care.

How long do you have to reopen an L&I claim in Washington state? ›

The amount of time that you have to reopen your L&I claim depends on the benefits you are seeking: For medical treatment only, you may apply at any time. For both wage replacement benefits and medical treatment, apply within 7 years of the date your claim was first closed (10 years for eye injuries).

How long do you have to report an injury at work in Washington state? ›

Don't delay. Claims for injuries must be filed within 1 year of the accident. Claims for occupational diseases must be filed within 2 years after receiving written notice from a health-care provider that the condition exists and may be work-related.

What is the employer's responsibility when a worker is injured? ›

The employer shall: Assure that first aid is administered for minor injuries or arrange medical treatment by an employer selected physician or the employee's pre-designated physician when necessary. For extreme emergency get the injured to any available doctor, hospital, or public medical service.

Can you reopen an L&I claim in Washington State? ›

Claim Reopenings. If your injury or occupational disease worsens, you and your doctor may apply to reopen your claim (F242-079-000). There must be objective medical evidence that after your claim has closed, the condition caused by the original workplace injury has worsened and needs more medical attention.

What is the statute of limitations on L&I in Washington State? ›

What is the L&I OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE Statute of Limitations (SOL) in Washington State? If you have an occupational disease caused at least in part by a job, you must file a Report of Industrial Injury or Occupational Disease within two years of notice.

How does workers' compensation work in WA? ›

The workers' compensation scheme operates on mutual obligations. The employer and insurer have obligations to pay you a salary and cover the cost of your treatment. In return for accepting that salary, you must attend work and undertake duties that are medically appropriate, as indicated on your certificates.

Who pays the industrial insurance in Washington State? ›

On average, workers pay about 25% of the total premium while the employer pays the remaining 75%. All industrial insurance premiums are collected and eventually paid as benefits or administrative expenses by the Washington State Fund, which is managed by the Department of Labor and Industries.

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